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Coach Training

Our team of certified coaches with the International Coach Federation offer a variety of coach training opportunities tailored to meet the needs of the client.  We create a learning environment that is safe and experiential where you, as participants, learn firsthand what it is like to be coached and experience the value of being a coach.

We utilize the Strengths Deployment Inventory Assessment tool to help you identify what your strength is based on what you value and also what happens when you experience conflict.

The coach training offerings can be one day introduction to coaching, two day with the principles of coaching and strengths deployment Inventory or three day, which is a certified program whereby participants receive a certificate that is endorsed by the International Coaching Federation.  All of our programs embrace the core competencies and code of Ethics of the International Coaching federation.

The pricing of any of the programs is done on an individual basis based upon need.  I, along with my colleague, Bruce Swan, can provide more detailed information upon request.

About Bruce…

I coach individuals and teams of executives and leaders to grow personally and professionally from good to great.  My coaching is a powerful partnership where learning takes place, where growth personally and professionally occurs by unleashing the individual’s potential, and where transformation takes place as the individual reaches new heights by creating a positive future.

My clients deal with increasing demands, ever changing environments,   ambiguity, and political influences which calls for strong leadership.  My coaching holds leaders capable to navigate the course with a goal to move forward and succeed.

What people value in me is my calming presence and ability to listen and hear where they are at and not pass judgement on whatever the situation may be.  With over thirty years Senior Executive experience as President and CEO, I utilized the coach approach to leadership.  Today fulfilling the role of interim CEO for organizations I see firsthand, leaders stepping up to the plate and fulfill the roles of the positions they hold title to.  I am a Professional Certified Coach with an undergraduate degree in Commerce, a Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration and Graduate Diploma in Executive Coaching.  I have operated my own business providing coaching and leadership consulting services for the past ten years.

I enjoy life and believe we should live each day as though it is our last day.  My family and friends are important to me and I like spending quality time with my children and grand children.  The outdoors is a draw for me to enjoy hiking, walking, cycling and taking time to breathe in the fresh air and meditate on the beauty around us.  I am also an avid antique car buff and enjoy collecting and driving as a hobby.

My clients are partners and we work together to build a plan for their organizations to move forward.  I provide coach training, leadership training and various self awareness assessments as well as facilitate 360 reviews and debriefs.

As part of my practice I stand in for senior leaders who need to have a break.  In doing so, I take the coach approach to leadership and while I am there continuing to build capacity in the team I am leading.  What I have learned from front line staff is they want a leader who leads from the heart and who has a vision for where the business is going.  This is where my coaching adds value as through my coaching leaders identify the path they need to take and how they are going to get there.

I am a qualified coach and facilitator of the LEADS in a Caring Environment Capabilities Framework through the Canadian College of Health Leaders and LEADS Canada.   I work with organizations on the Coach Approach to LEADS as well as debrief LEADS 360 assessments.  Author of The leadership shift – “From directing people to action to inspiring people to action published in 2017 in the Healthcare Management Forum by the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

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