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Project Description

I am very proud to be able to provide this testimonial regarding the time our team worked with Judi Gilbert. We brought Judi on board as a n Executive Consultant while we re-organized the Hospice Agency. We were in a period of dynamic change with staff turn-over and creating a Mission, Vision, Values statements; all while running the operational aspects of the agency.

The inclusion of Judi in this process was one of the best decisions we made as a Board. Not only did she bring a considerable level of executive knowledge, she managed to leverage that knowledge to help us through some very difficult situations. The business of helping people die is complex and complicated at the most stables times, add change and you need skilled leadership to keep things running. Judi was definitely instrumental in providing that leadership.

One area of strength that helped greatly in our work with Judi was her ability to develop relationships to maximize the goals we had set as a Board of Directors. She was able to have hard conversations while maintaining people’s dignity and ensuring they understood the goals that were being communicated.

Judi also worked very closely with our Board of Directors while we honed our vision for the agency, providing advice and support in that process. She quickly earned the trust and professional respect of our Directors, which aided greatly in our ability to affect an incredible amount of systemic change in less than a year. She truly was an asset that we came to rely on.

Darcey M. French

President, Board of Directors

Regional Hospice of Quinte

February 2018

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