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Project Description

Judi believes sport and business are very similar. Both rely heavily on a team approach to succeed. In sport and business, Judi is passionate about superior sportsmanship, showing up to play and perfecting and honing a skill. She is passionate about mutual respect and empathy; steadfastness, reliability and commitment.

Judi can show you how her coaching and business knowledge coupled with experience in sport can help you and your team continue to show up to play, hone a skill and be passionate about mutual respect and commitment, all while ensuring the goals and strategic priorities of your organization are being met.

Judi has always been passionate about sport and from an early age she was a member of many successful teams. She was fortunate to participate in many sports including ice hockey. Much to her delight she fulfilled her dream of playing varsity ice hockey at York where she helped her team net a championship or two. It is here where she learned the importance of team and the responsibility that came with it.

Judi came by her love of sport honestly. She is part of a family who encouraged participation in sport and who participated at the professional level.  She is proud of her two uncles who were masters of their craft and although they are now accomplished key note speakers, ambassadors to the game of hockey, a Member of Team Canada 72, another a Member of Hockey’s Hall of Fame and more recently one of the Top 100 Players in the NHL, their accomplishments do not define her, but she believes the sport they all played has helped shape and influence her approach to life, learning, relationships, and business.