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Judi Gilbert is an author, business owner, entrepreneur, leadership coach, speaker and former varsity hockey player who is unwavering in her belief that building capability in people and teams will help organizations thrive and allow people to triumph. From an early age Judi has been a member of many successful teams. She has always been passionate about sport and excelled at many including ice hockey. It is here where she learned the importance of team and the responsibility that came with it. She knew hockey was not only Canada’s game, but it was hers too. It didn’t hurt being part of a legacy of successful hockey enthusiasts-her uncles are NHL stars Bobby & Dennis Hull and she is certain her hereditary past plays a part in her love for the game. By the time she was 13 years old multiple schools had begun recruiting her to join their hockey programs.

Judi’s playing career superseded that of World championships and Olympic Games and she is proud of the role she played in helping develop the game at the grassroots level. Judi has won numerous individual and team awards including her recent induction into the Belleville Sports Hall of Fame, where she has taken her place along side her uncles, Bobby, and Dennis.

Judi is also the author of The Next Shift, A Guide to Identify Your Transferrable Skills and Successfully Transition from Sports. She has combined her passion for sport and her desire to help athletes recognize their skills beyond the rink, field, court, pool, or pitch. The Next Shift is a unique and moving guidebook, for all athletes who wonder and sometimes struggle with how to successfully transition from sport to their Next Shift and it is for parents, coaches, teachers, and mentors to help our young athletes prepare for their transition away from competitive sports. According to Judi sport and business are very similar. Both rely heavily on a team approach to succeed. In Sport and Business Judi is passionate about superior sportsmanship, showing up to play and perfecting and honing a skill. She is passionate about mutual respect & empathy, steadfastness, commitment, and sacrifice.

With over 30 years of leadership and business experience, coupled with her tenure as a competitive hockey player, Judi offers a variety of keynote opportunities and is well-versed in tailoring keynote addresses depending on your needs.

Keynote Topics

Growing up Hockey:

This is a look at a young girl’s dream to join the ranks of her hockey playing family and how along the way the game she still loves today helped shape her into the person she is today. According to Judi “Hockey gave me much more than I originally signed up for-it gave me the person I am today”. Judi uses her own experiences of playing competitive ice hockey to address the similarities between sport and business and how she calls upon the values and behaviours she learned from sport to help her clients show up to play, hone a skill and be passionate about mutual respect and commitment.

The Next Shift: A Guide to Identify Your Transferrable Skills and Successfully Transition from Sports

As a former varsity athlete with over 30 years of training and management experience Judi can help other athletes put in motion the steps necessary to answer the questions all athletes want and need to know. What is a transferrable skill and how do I identify my own skills? Why is my personal brand important? How does my reputation impact my success? How can networking support my transition? How do I use the skills I acquired in sport to enhance my job search? “As athletes we often compartmentalize our skills. In many instances we think the skills we have developed in sport and the experiences we have accumulated are only good for sport but that just isn’t true. We need to recognize that the skills we have acquired in sport can help us be successful outside of sport too” Judi G.

Leadership & Teamwork:

Judi draws on her accomplishments as an entrepreneur and former competitive hockey player to explore the themes of leadership and teamwork. An experienced and passionate speaker, Judi knows that leadership and teamwork play a significant role and have a substantial impact on the ice and in the workplace. She also focuses on the similarities between sport and business and how the lessons she learned during her years of playing Canada’s sport are eerily present in how she conducts herself and her business today.

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Transfer the skills you acquired through sport to help you succeed in your Next Shift.

The Next Shift - the new business success book by Judi Gilbert
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